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How is your day: 12th July

Monday, 12 July 2021 (10:21 IST)
Aries : Realizations hit you and you are rich as experiences you go through make you a better person eventually affecting all areas of your life in harmonious ways.

Taurus : Under-estimating others and their capabilities at work will be a folly on your part. Make sure you are extra cautious and don’t part with information that can be carried and add to existing politics.

Gemini : Confused and lost in a world of your own is your mood today and you take it easy with work and people. You choose to be on your own and sorting issues that are pending.

Cancer : If creatively inclined, you feel you are not getting the quality of work you desire. You take initiative to meet new and interesting people from your field building goodwill. 

Leo : Health needs utmost care, whether it is a recurring health problem or lack of focus due to stress and strain. Plan things out. Stay calm and organized and life surely falls into place.

Virgo : Introspective and feeling a bit lost, you try to shake yourself out of feelings that are pulling you down or in different directions. Striking a balance will come from settling down the imbalance. 

Libra : Yet again you try not fully aware that you could be blocking the very thing you desire, with an attitude or a way of thinking not conducive to stability and growth for your work/business. 

Scorpio : Repairing the damage in a personal relationship is not easy. Each move must be careful and deliberate, full of love. Try not to hurry up on the ladder of success. Give yourself a pat and a hug this evening.

Sagittarius : Pushing a sensitive situation to its lists has its pros and cons. Focus on the pros and be joyful. You become stronger and certain of yourself. Do things from choice, not desperation today. Love life is happy this evening.

Capricorn : Your new position at work will be looked up at by some and envied by some. Maintain a low profile. In love Its time to take stock of what and where your relationship is heading and redefine it if possible Focus on strategy.

Aquarius : Funds you need come to you easily today and using them wisely you feel needs a meeting with associates at work/business this afternoon, results are good! and promising.

Pisces : Finances need your urgent attention today as losing money or the mismanagement of it will cost you a lot, professional help at this juncture will open the windows and doors to flaws overlooked.

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