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How is your day: 24th May 2024

How is your day: 24th May 2024
, Friday, 24 May 2024 (09:24 IST)
Aries: Innovative ideas at work fare well and you are in the lime light as you get the response you expect and are happy to widen your horizons. Build on personal goodwill and you will reap rich dividends.

Taurus: If ready for a change, pursue it. Nothing comes easy and sometimes all you need is to push the right buttons and wait in the wings. 

Gemini:  Love is in the air and in your life and you are your romantic best with your mate who has not seen much of you this whole busy week. You make up in more than one way and surprise gifts and fun outings are indicated.

Cancer: Pending paperwork and calls is your priority this evening. Health is good.

Leo: Money owed to you is promised as you may need the funds soon for personal reasons.

Virgo:  Your mind is full of innovative ideas if involved in an independent business. Today you decide to take stock of everything before you act out on plans.

Libra: Those experiencing difficulty with staff/ labor should be fair and sort out issues harmoniously this evening. Turn in early tonight.

Scorpio:Work wise pending payments toward you get further delayed and you contact those who owe you. Be patient and have more faith. It’s a temporary phase.

Sagittarius: Family members are worried about you and your future as you tend to be discreet about your plans in every area of your life and don’t bend to anybody’s rules or ways. 

Capricorn: Sudden travel, a contingency at work and timely action is vital and not a choice. So pulling up your socks and making it work is the key.

Aquarius: Family and spending precious time with family makes up your fun and relaxing day as you are pampered to the hilt. A short trip/journey is not ruled out.

Pices: If single, you look for excitement this evening. Make sure it’s in the right places.

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