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How is your day : 26th August

Thursday, 26 August 2021 (09:19 IST)
Aries: You are spending a lot on unnecessary stuff, use wisdom to slash the expenditure. Remain away from the haste and risk.

Taurus :  The day brings good luck as you are set to receive an immersed amount. Journey, investment and employment goes as per plan. Brace yourself, competitors are in active mode.

Gemini :  A positive change at your workstation raises your spirit. Everything goes right in terms of journey and investment. Competitors are in a slumber.

Cancer :  An official tour is set to deliver desired results. The work stuck for a long period of time gets cleared. You may visit a religious place.

Leo :  Keep your precious gems and jewelry at a safe place. Don’t poke your nose in a spat between two peoples. Not a good time to take risks and decisions in haste.

Virgo :  A hassle free proceedings in the business continues with fruitful results. One needs to remain cautious in love life and be careful about health.

Libra :  A whopping real estate deal is on the cards. An injury or a theft may play a spoiler in your day. You may get a headache at the start of the day.

Scorpio :  A perfect day for students as they taste success. A journey is on the cards which will be entertaining.

Sagittarius :  Nothing goes right today for sagis. A sad news is on the cards, avoid a verbal spat and don’t take a decision in a hush hush.

Capricorn :  You become an important person for others. A day which brings monetary benefits to you.

Aquarius :  An investment in movable or immovable assets will prove fruitful. You shall be delighted by a good news received late in the day.

Pisces: Journey is on the cards which will be very entertaining. If you are looking for a vacancy, this day gives you the desired spot.

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