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How is your day : 27th July

Tuesday, 27 July 2021 (10:00 IST)
Aries: -  Job hunting has come to an end today. Official tour will bear fruits and a pleasant surprise will await you during the day.

Taurus :  During a conversation avoid slangs and avoid a verbal spat. One may need to expend a little on guests.

Gemini : A remaining amount will be recovered today. You register a comprehensive victory over your competitors. It is advised to remain away from the altercation.

Cancer :  An old disease or conjuctivties may hit you today. The modus opernadi of your work gets better. The journey is set to bring desired results.

Leo :  A hectic schedule awaits you today, so pull up your socks.  A legal glitch in your way gets clear. The day is set to turn you more spiritual.

Virgo :  Be extra cautious while operating a machine or any fiery stuff. Delay the work involving risk.

Libra : You receive a more congenial vibe from your spouse. If a legal verdict is announced, it will come in your favor. Take care of your eyes.

Scorpio :  If you are looking for a vacancy, the day lands you on the desired spot. A get together with old friends is on the cards.

Sagittarius :  Keep your words in check as altercation is possible with anyone. The day remains jolly as you make a plan of a picnic/party.

Capricorn :  Caution is advised in a transaction or a purchase. A sad news can spoil your mood on this hectic day. Avoid altercation and taking risks.

Aquarius :  Prestige is on the rise and your work will be applauded by all. You need to remain away from complacency.

Pisces:-  Good news is on the cards, but the entire day is not so good. Children and toddlers may irritate you. Competitors will be in active mode. 

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