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Over 3000 electric vehicles registered in Delhi

Thursday, 29 October 2020 (18:08 IST)
New Delhi:The effect of encouraging electric vehicles by the Delhi government to control pollution is beginning to show. So far, more than 3000 electric vehicles have been registered in the capital.

Following the Delhi Government's new electric vehicle policy, subsidies were also made more accessible so that those purchasing new vehicles could get timely financial benefits. Road tax and registration fees were also given relief by the government so that people could get the opportunity to use better transportation at the least cost. Other basic facilities are also being prepared to scrap vehicles, new charging stations are being set-up at every 3km in the city to encourage buying e-vehicles. 
In this way, Delhi has become the first state in the country where 3000 electric vehicles were purchased by the people within a few weeks after the government's electric vehicle policy was launched. Delhi will be the first state where electric vehicles are now being replaced by petrol and diesel vehicles at such a rapid pace. Delhiites and companies are going to benefit from this in every way. If we talk about the environment, the government's efforts to defeat pollution in Delhi will help a lot. Pollution will be reduced to a great extent by replacing electric vehicles with diesel-petrol vehicles on Delhi roads. With this, Delhi will be the first state in the country where so many electric vehicles will run on roads along with eliminating pollution, Delhi will become a futuristic city.
While talking about the benefits for people from this policy, people are getting huge subsidies and various tax exemptions on purchasing electric vehicles, there will also be a huge reduction in the daily expenses. An electric vehicle costs less than 40% as compared to a petrol-diesel car. This turns out to be a huge saving for the public. Companies will also benefit from this new technology when they produce these vehicles on a large scale. While the electric vehicle policies of other states of the country like Karnataka and Maharashtra are simply beautifying on government papers and not benefiting the public in any way, the Delhi government's electric vehicle policy is making Delhi a futuristic city.

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