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5 hilarious family sitcoms guaranteed to leave you ROFL

Friday, 2 July 2021 (19:53 IST)
Every family comes with its own quirks, hilarious inside jokes and complications we’ve also come to learn particularly well during the coronavirus pandemic. There’s a special magic to watching a family sitcom with the loved ones, giving you a chance to sit back and laugh at the idiosyncrasies we’re all intimately familiar with. Whether the black sheep of the family calls out your name, or you deeply identify with the signature dad jokes, there’s something for everyone in these lovable family comedies. 

Here are 5 brilliantly crafted family sitcoms that you’d definitely relate to, streaming on Comedy Central India, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Disney+Hotstar.

The Middle on Comedy Central India

A criminally underrated gem, The Middle delves into the lives of a middle-class family living in a small town in Indiana. The three kids and parents are poles apart, making their family dynamic a challenging one. The highly binge watch worthy show has been appreciated by critics and audiences alike for its authenticity and unique charm. Catch season 1 to season 8 airing on Comedy Central.

Schitt’s Creek on Comedy Central India 

One of the most loved sitcoms of all time, Schitt’s Creek’s Emmy award sweep was truly a well-deserved one. Detailing the journey of a once affluent family’s descent into a small-town life, the heartwarming series won hearts for its brilliant characters and LGBTQIA+ representation. Simple yet endlessly side splitting, this sitcom will have you hooked in record time. 

The Ranch on Netflix 

The 70s show co-stars Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson take the lead in this comedy set on a ranch in Middle America. Based on a failed football star who returns home to run his father’s ranch, this comical sitcom takes on serious topics with its signature lighthearted humor.

Mom on Comedy Central India

There’s no bond quite like the one of a mom and daughter, and this amusing sitcom captures the dynamic relationship perfectly. Anna Faris plays a single and sober mom coming to terms with her addiction and its consequences. When her mother, a fellow recovering alcoholic, reappears in her life, hilarity ensues as the mother daughter navigate their way through sobriety. 

Modern Family on Disney+Hotstar 

The go-to when it comes to family sitcoms, Modern Family’s intricately woven storylines and thoughtfully crafted characters have wedged their way into our hearts. Be it challenging jobs, growing pains of early adulthood or the nuances of relationships, this series gets it all right. With 11 glorious seasons, witness each of these characters grow into their own over the course of the delightful comedy drama.

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