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5 on-screen sons who have won our hearts!

Thursday, 14 July 2022 (12:45 IST)
New Delhi: Indian television shows are the major sources of entertainment for most households.

Some shows have managed to win hearts with their excellent storyline and star cast which gives us a special reason to watch the shows. The relatability factor is what adds to the popularity of these shows, thus how can a family drama be complete without the most relatable character a maa ka ladla – beta?

So, here are television’s five most promising sons who have added to the charm of their respective shows.

1) Aagya:

As his name suggests, Aagya is the most aagyakari son a mother can ever wish for. Anandi baa’s ankhon ka tara Aagya never fails to please his mother. He is that ideal son moms wish for and the show ‘Anandibaa aur Emily’ makes the wish come true on screen. Aagya adds a lot of positivity to the show as his selfless love for his mom reflects joy and exhilaration. It is extremely heart-warming to have such an optimistic character to connect with.

It airs on Star Plus from Monday to Saturday, at 6.30 pm.

2) Ram:

Ram from ‘Bade Ache Lagte Hai’, is a highly romanticised character. His generosity and compassion towards his step-mom Nandini is no secret. Despite being backstabbed multiple times by his loved ones, he never fails to provide them with all their needs. His selfless love and devotion to his family is what makes him a perfect son and one of the most loved character on-screen.

It airs on Sony TV from Monday to Friday, at 8pm.

3) Samar:

When the world fails to understand his mom Anupama, it’s just Samar whom she relies on. The Kanhaiya to his mom, the one who would fight the world to protect and support his mother is undoubtedly the viewers favourite on-screen son. His trust and believe in his mother melts our hearts and gives ray of hope to Anupama’s complex life.

It airs on Star Plus from Monday to Saturday, at 10 pm.

4) Kanha:

A modern twist to the Krishna – Yashoda bond, Kanha is an extremely loving son who sometimes has clashes with his mother Saroj, just like any real-life mother-son duo. They both love each other eternally but who does not have difference of opinion with their moms. Kahna’s connection with his mother is a very relatable on-screen relation which binds the audience to his character.

It airs on Star Bharat from Monday to Friday, at 9 pm

5) Badal:

Being the youngest of the three siblings, he is obviously most connected to his mother Pallavi. Unlike his other siblings, Badal is more loving and understanding towards his mother. He’s a typical mamma’s boy who relies on her for all his needs. His innocence and attachment are what the audience appreciates.

‘Appnapan’ airs on Sony TV from Monday to Friday, at 10 pm. (UNI)

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