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Celeb share monsoon memories, and the food they love to gorge on during the season

Monday, 12 July 2021 (21:59 IST)
Monsoon is here. The season often brings back fond memories of spending rainy days with family, friends and gorging on good food. Many love the music of rain drops and enjoy drenching in the downpour. Some of us have romantic memories attached to rain as well. Celebrities too walk down memory lane, reminisces the special time spent during monsoon. They also share about their love for monsoon and the food they enjoy during the season. 

Arun Mandola

I am a nature lover. Every Year I wait for the monsoon because this is a time when I connect with nature. During the monsoon, it feels like birds, animals, trees, mountain sky, everything comes alive. It’s become a universal wonder when rain water touches soil and that fragrance is the best fragrance on earth. I love pakodas and ginger tea during the monsoon. I remember my mother always made those yummy aloo paranthas during rainy days and those are my best memories.

Nikhil Malik

I love the monsoon. The smell of the soil when the first drops of rain touch the earth is amazing. When I used to be in Delhi during monsoon, mom made pakodas and coffee. Having a good conversation over good food is what I miss these days. The atmosphere is very peaceful during monsoon and I forget every problem and tension in my life during that time. It is one of the best times of the year, it keeps me nice and calm.

Prateik Chaudhary

My fondest monsoon memories about the rains would be a trip down Lonavala with my childhood friends. Being a Mumbaikar, you can say it’s like a tradition to visit Lonavala during the monsoon season. So during my childhood days, during monsoon I even used to make those trips to Tiger point and eat bhajiyas, maggie and chai. Listening to good music while enjoying a long drive during monsoon makes me happy.

Gaurva Mukesh

I have grown up in a joint family. I remember every time it used to rain we cousins used to go to the terrace and block water from flowing out of the pipes. This was done to make sure that the terrace is filled with water and looks like a pool. And then we used to play in the pool. My favourite monsoon food is paneer and dal pakoda with tea.

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