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Haider Kazmi's movie 'Jihad' to release on OTT platform 'Mastani' on occasion of Eid

Tuesday, 20 July 2021 (21:59 IST)
Lucknow: The film 'Jihad', which has won awards in 35 national and international film festivals, is releasing on the OTT platform 'Mastani' on Wednesday on the occasion of Eid, said Haider Kazmi, the founder of the OTT platform and actor of the film 'Jihad'.

He said in a statement here on Tuesday that Jihad has also shown its glory at the "Cannes Film Festival".

He said that today there is confusion among the people regarding the word Jihad, to clear the same they have made a film named 'Jihad'.

"Jihad is seen by linking it with terrorism. Most people are unaware of the real meaning of Jihad, which we are bringing in front of people through this film. Jihad means to kill the anger and the devil within you, not to kill innocent people by taking up guns in its name," he said.

The specialty of the film Jihad, directed by Rakesh Parmar, is that Rakesh did the shooting of the film in the locations of Kashmir. Shooting for Jihad was done in sensitive sites like Kupwara, Chararesharif, Doodh Ganga, Yusmarg. The film was shot with the local artists by giving them work. Due to this, the film looks more realistic and attractive.

The movie is releasing in 6 languages, i.e. Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Kannad, and Bhojpuri, to reach a maximum audience.

Mastani platform is a better platform for meaningful and progressive cinema. Here people can sit with the whole family and watch movies, web series, and other entertaining programs, he added. (UNI)

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