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HC stays release of film 'Shaadi ke Director Karan aur Johar' on Karan Johar's appeal

HC stays release of film 'Shaadi ke Director Karan aur Johar' on Karan Johar's appeal


, Friday, 14 June 2024 (11:16 IST)
Mumbai: The Bombay High Court stayed the release of Hindi film 'Shaadi ke Director Karan aur Johar,' and any promotional material finding a strong prima facie case that the makers have made unauthorised use of filmmaker Karan Johar's name and personality.
The court also restrained the makers from using Johar's name or any other attributes or reference to the name “Karan Johar” in any manner, in the title of the film or in the promotion directly or indirectly including but not limited to all promotional materials, etc., which is intended to be sold, promoted or otherwise distributed in relation to the film.
Bollywood film director and producer Karan Johar on Wednesday moved the High Court against the makers of the Hindi film, requesting that they be prevented from using his name in the title of the film.
The petition seeks a permanent injunction and a restraining order against the filmmakers from using his name in the film's title.
Johar claimed he has no connection with the film or its makers, who are unlawfully using his name in the title.
Johar pointed out that the film's title directly referred to his name, violating his personal rights, and rights to publicity and privacy.
He asserted that by using his 'brand name' without authorisation, the filmmakers are exploiting his goodwill and reputation.
The suit highlighted that the film is set for release on June 14, and its trailer and posters have been distributed in public areas and on social media.
Johar claimed these promotional materials were causing irreparable loss and damage to his goodwill and reputation.

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