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Hrithik shares how he had to perform without rehearsals, courtesy threat of the virus

Sunday, 29 March 2020 (14:25 IST)
Usually all performances at an awards night happen after series of rehearsals, however there can be situations when one may not be able to rehearse prior to their act. Hrithik Roshan is one such superstar who recently performed at an award event without much preparation.

We already know that the upcoming performance of Hrithik is special in multiple ways as It marks his 2 decades run in the industry. It also takes us on a trip  down memory lane as we can reminisce over his first ever performance which was on the same platform where he will be dancing to some of his thoughtfully selected iconic numbers.

But what caught our attention was that Hrithik had to perform without any preliminary dance rehearsal for this act and the reason for that is the threat of the virus.

He took to his social media handle to reveal the information, sharing a snippet of his upcoming performance.

Due to the coronavirus scare, the awards night had been cancelled for the public but owing to his prior commitments Hrithik had gone to the venue performed and immediately departed.

While we are excited to see Hrithik groove his iconic numbers, he has asked his fans to share feedback on his no rehearsal performance and we can’t wait to read some of the fine comments.

Although as soon as the post went live, the comment section was filled with some heartwarming comments like “You don’t need any rehearsal, you are a natural” and “performance without rehearsal on a big stage, you are unbelievable” and so on.

With the success of War and Super 30, Hrithik has owned 2019 with his phenomenal acting. At the very same awards, he also won an award in the Best Actor category for Super 30. The portrayal of Anand Kumar which brought a completely different acting side of the Hrithik was highly appreciated by the audiences and critics.

Hrithik has time and again proven that nothing is beyond the safety and security of the people and his couple of social media posts are a testimony to the same. He is taking all necessary steps to educate people of the pandemic situation and what precautions need to be taken by urging them to stay home and stay safe.

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