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Kriti Sanon gets praised unanimously, see the raving reviews for her outstanding performance in Mimi

Tuesday, 27 July 2021 (16:15 IST)
Kriti Sanon has surprised her fans with an early release of her upcoming film, Mimi ahead of her birthday. The actress is celebrating the occasion with unanimous raving reviews that she has been receiving since the film's release.

Seen playing a surrogate mother in the film, Kriti Sanon shoulders Mimi, all by herself and the reviews to her performance have been unanimously good as all critics, fans and audience hail the actress for her career's best performance.

One leading entertainment portal wrote, "Kriti Sanon as Mimi shines throughout. To start as a carefree, ambitious girl to the vulnerability displayed by her, we can safely say that Kriti’s graph as an actor has evolved so much. It is safe to say that this is Kriti’s career-best performance for me."

Another entertainment portal said, "Talking about performances, Kriti Sanon has given her career’s best performance. She is exceptional in the film and throws her hat for Best Actress awards." 

One other leading entertainment website wrote, "Kriti Sanon shines bright, showing a character arc, that helps highlight her prowess as an actress. The actress effortlessly flits through multiple evolutions as Mimi, from being a dancer, to a surrogate, and finally a mother."

One leading entertainment website wrote, "Kriti Sanon is the star performer in Mimi. When not stealing our hearts with her exhilarating dance moves, the actress tugs at our heartstrings with her moving act of a mother, whose love for her child crushes down all that stands in its path. Watch out for the scene where Mimi holds her newborn baby for the first time! Minus any dialogues, the camera shifts between Kriti and the tiny tot and focuses completely on a pure moment between a mother and her child which is beyond words. Kriti is a total revelation in this scene. No doubt, Mimi is the actress's finest performances till date."

Another leading entertainment portal wrote, "The film belongs to Kriti Sanon. She’s someone who has been taking calculated risks throughout her career. It’s her most difficult role as yet. She gradually fits into her character and by the end of the film is the very picture of a tigress fiercely guarding her cub. It’s the most mature performance she’s given so far. Her scenes with child actor Jacob Smith are the soul of the film."


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One leading news portal wrote, "Having delivered a range of interesting characters before, with Mimi, Kriti Sanon marks her arrival as a solid actor who can carry a film on her own. Her eyes speak anger and anguish with a certain calm — a mark of a mature performer."

Another key entertainment portal wrote, "Kriti Sanon as Mimi is the driving force of the film. She showcases the journey of Mimi to motherhood like a veteran and masters every nuance. Without sounding fake, she gets the typical Rajasthani accent right. It is not an easy job to play a mother on screen at a young age, but Kriti proves that everything is possible if you put your heart and soul into it. Kriti carries the film on her shoulder (and in her belly) and has set the benchmark high."

One leading portal also wrote, "Speaking of performances, Kriti Sanon delivers a very entertaining performance. She is the only lead in the film in a way and she shoulders the responsibility very well. This is surely her most accomplished performance and is sure to get appreciation from all quarters."

With these raving reviews from all over, Kriti Sanon has hit the ball out of the park with Mimi. She had gained 15 kilos for her role at this point in her career for the film and it has clearly paid off well.  The birthday girl is all set to be seen next in Adipurush, Bachchan Pandey, Bhediya, Ganapath, Hum Do Hamaare Do along with another unannounced project.

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