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Malayalam movie 'Blindfold' makes history as India's First Audio Cinema

Friday, 17 March 2023 (15:49 IST)
Kochi: 'Blindfold', the groundbreaking Malayalam movie that takes viewers on a journey through the perspective of a blind person, makes history as India's first-ever audio cinema.
This revolutionary Cinema, directed by Flmmaker & Creative Designer Binoy Karamen and produced by Klum, a Luxury apparel brand and Intellectual monkey productions has not only created a new genre in Indian cinema but also set a benchmark in the world of film making.
By using sound as the primary storytelling tool, Blindfold has created a deeply immersive cinematic experience that pushes the boundaries of traditional film making. The movie follows the events in the life of a blind man, who becomes a witness in a murder case.
This exciting story of a murder investigation is narrated with no visuals and puts the audience in the shoes of a blind man, with only sounds to guide them.
“The medium of cinema is visual. Blindfold do not have visuals. Despite that, it does not limit the cinematic experience a normal cinema can offer. In theatres, one can truly experience this.

This project has been the result of my thinking and research for the past 11 years," Binoy Karamen, director and writer of ‘Blindfold, said.
”It has always fascinated me how different elements of a movie affect the viewer's senses. The beauty of a world that is blinded by light is what I wish to portray in my work. My aim with the movie is to inspire the audience's imagination with sound design, music, and dialogue and help them navigate the world with sounds."
''I hope Blindfold will push you to improve your focus on your surroundings and understand the importance of inner voices more than our sights”, said Binoy Karamen, who has had a keen interest in experimental ideas and concepts for a long.
With most movies in the industry focusing on the visual brilliance of film making, ‘Blindfold’ reminds us that the soundscape plays just as much an essential role in the art of storytelling.
The story is narrated from the perspective of Rajan, a blind lottery seller in the city of Calicut, who happens to witness, or more aptly, ‘hear’ a murder take place. In the events that follow, Rajan assists the police in solving the case, based on everything he has heard, in this thrilling experience like none other.
“It was indeed a very new concept and I was really impressed with Karamen’s perspective of movies. With a vision to give the viewers a fresh and exciting audio experience at the cinema, Our movie, Blindfold will be the first step in trying out more experimental techniques and tools in the art of Cinemamaking," said Shyjal Shameem Ahmed, Executive Producer of Blindfold.
The movie has used superior audio technology to capture and recreate a panoramic sound experience for the audience. The team behind the movie includes experienced sound designers and music producers who have done a splendid job with their work.
Binaural technology has helped in designing the soundscape in such a way, that along with frequency cues, the direction and origin of the sound are also determined. The movie will be presented in Dolby Atmos, giving audiences the best surround sound experience, and putting them in the middle of the action.
“Blindfold is unfolding a new era of audio stories with more technical assistance. The experience of audio designs makes the sound move all around you with thrilling realism. I am really excited to be a part of the movie and Karamen’s bold way of making the movie,” said Ajil Kurian, Sync Sound & Sound design.
The film's sound design was by Ajil Kurian and Krishnan Unni with music and background score composed by Steev Benjamin , and script by Surya Gaythri.
'Blindfold' is a powerful testament to the creativity and innovation of the Indian film industry. This landmark achievement is a source of pride not just for Malayalam cinema but for Indian cinema as a whole. (UNI)

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