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Sonu Sood now associates himself with "E-Rickshaw distribution" drive

Saturday, 19 December 2020 (19:20 IST)
Mumbai: Shyam Steel India announced that they have roped in talisman Sonu Sood as their "Build India Ambassador". 
The company has taken a pledge to slowly uplift the livelihoods of many people affected due to the lockdown measures taken by the authorities in the wake of global pandemic.  The famed actor's endorsement for a series of goodwill initiatives planned by the company would maximize the reach of its goodwill action plans to the needy. 
UNDP's Special Humanitarian Action Award winner, Sonu Sood is to unveil the maiden initiative of the company - 'Khud kamaao ghar chalaao'; an E- Rickshaw distribution campaign in various parts of India to the people who lost their livelihood due to nationwide lockdown. The company has planned a 360 degree campaign to support the never before initiative so that authentic queries can get generated. Queries would be evaluated and E-Rickshaws to be distributed on the basis the socio-economic parameters of the applicants.         
Speaking on this first of its kind initiative, Mr Lalit Beriwala, Director, Shyam Steel India said "We in our day to day business do build India's civil & infrastructural future but unless we develop and contribute towards human development our future cannot be bright. People from the lower strata of our society has been majorly effected due to the pandemic and post lockdown economic hardship and we as a responsible Indian company cannot ignore the call of the time to stand with these people, to help them rebuild their livelihood and their future". 
Mr Shriram Beriwala & Mr Shyam Sunder Beriwala, founding Directors of the organization are expecting vast public support for their initiative. 
Talking about it, Sonu Sood said, "I have received a lot of love from people over the past few months. And that has motivated me to continue being there for them. So, I with Shyam Steel have launched the 'Khud kamaao ghar chalaao' initiative. I believe providing job opportunities is more important than distributing supplies. I'm sure that this initiative will help them stand on their feet once again by making them self-reliant and self-sufficient."(UNI)

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