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Top 3 Films you should watch in August

Wednesday, 28 September 2022 (20:23 IST)
The Bollywood train never stops rolling, which means we always have plenty of new
releases to look forward to. There is a wealth of Indian cinema to choose from, as well as all
the latest releases from Western movie developers, meaning you’ll never be found wanting
something new to watch. But with so many different films released every month, how do you
know which ones to spend your time on? Don’t worry; we’re here to give you our top three
films you should watch this August.


One of the most hotly anticipated films of the summer, Darlings, is set for release on the 5th
of August 2022. The film stars Alia Bhatt as Badruniaa Shaikh, Shefali Shah as Bardu’s
mother, and Vijay Varma as Badru’s husband. This black comedy/drama is set in a lower-
middle-class conservative neighborhood of Mumbai and explores the relationship between
Badru and her mother. Written by Parveez Sheikh and Jasmeet K. Reen, we can expect the
story to be top quality, and there should be no doubt about the comedy chops of the two
writers. In fact, the Darlings trailer inspired something of a meme-fest thanks to the
performance by Vijay Varma, and fans can’t wait to see how funny the entire film will be. The
film didn’t take long to shoot, with initial photography beginning on July 3rd 2021, and
wrapping on September 7th 2021. While the film was initially planned for a theatrical release
across the country, the production companies Red Chillies Entertainment and Eternal Sunshine Productions sold the rights to Netflix India in February 2022 for an estimated $10

Miami Se New York

The next film on our list is Miami Se New York, a coming-of-age film directed by experienced
film-maker Joy Augustine. It stars Nihana Minaz, Nikhaar Krishnani, Janelle Lacle, Arjun
Anand, and Rohini Chandra as a group of messed-up girls who are traveling from Miami to
New York. The journey goes through many ups and downs, and the group ends up learning
a lot about life and about themselves. With a cast as talented as this, we can expect a film
that is going to take us on an emotional journey, especially at the hands of someone like Joy
Augustine. New York is a favorite subject of film-makers around the world, whether they’re
American, Indian, or Arabian. Something about the city seems to elevate it above the others
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kick back with a classic casino game, there’s a site that’s right for you. Miami Se New York is
scheduled to be released on the same day as Darlings, the 5th of August 2022.

Raksha Bandhan

The last film on our list is Raksha Bandhan, a Bollywood drama directed by Aanand L. Rai,
best known for his directorial credits on the films Raanjhanaa and Zero. The film stars
Akshay Kumar as Lala Kedarnath, a man who is tasked with the care of his four sisters after
the death of his mother. The film follows his trials and tribulations trying to raise his four
sisters while upholding his family values, something which is complicated when he falls in
love with his childhood friend Sapna played by Bhumi Pednekar.Written by Himanshi
Sharma, we can expect this to be an emotional rollercoaster, so make sure you have your
tissues on hand. The film also stars Sahejmeen Kaur, Deepika Khanna, Sadia Khateeb,
Smrithi Srikanth, and Seema Pahwa - with a strong cast like this one, we’re all expecting this
to be a great film.

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