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New book chronicles Indian revolutionary leader Rash Behari Bose's life

Tuesday, 21 June 2022 (18:37 IST)
Kolkata: The life of legendary Indian revolutionary Rash Behari Bose has been chronicled in a new book that also tells the story of thousands of men and women Involved in the armed struggle to free India from British rule.

The book "A Samurai dream of Azad Hind - Rash Behari Bose", authored by Prasun Roy, was launched at a leading bookstore chain here recently.

The story of Rash Behari Bose starts In the 1890s when a small boy began to dream the giant dream of an India, Independent of colonial subjugation. He was one of those accused of making bombs that he lobbed at the Viceroy of India, Lord Hardinge, in a crowded Chandni Chowk procession in Delhi in 1912. The attack not only dented Britain's pride, it forever snatched their hope of ruling a sleepy subcontinent peacefully.

Rash Behari then went on to become the mascot of the armed struggle to free India; he was a prominent leader of the iconic Jugantar and the Ghadar Party and Inspired 1857-like mutinies in 26 cantonments in 1915.

Self-exiled in Japan, he gave the call ‘Asia for Asians’, founded the Indian Independence League and later built the Indian national Army.

Fauj, providing a lifeline to several million POW Indian soldiers in the 1940s. Then, selflessly, he handed over the INA to Subhas Chandra Bose.

The book, A Samurai Dream of Azad Hind, is also the story of thousands of other men and women Involved In the armed struggle to free India and the extensive support network they created, not only throughout India, but globally – from California, Mongolia to Japan. (UNI)

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