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Aspiring Indian Author Dedicates his book to People of Japan

Monday, 1 February 2021 (21:38 IST)
Ahemdabad: Ashutosh Rawal, who is about to publish his book on his experiences in Japan is a strong supporter and advocate of Japan & Tokyo Olympics.
He champions the cause of supporting Japan in its endeavours to host Olympics under the difficult situation of fighting the pandemic and ensuring the safety of athletes as well as the visitors to Japan.
He has carefully timed the release of his book in March 2021, which will also be the time when India is expected to open its borders and the flights to Japan will resume.Again, the perfect time to visit Japan for its cherry blossom festival.He wants to sincerely and lovingly dedicate this book to Japan, its amazing people & Tokyo Olympics.
He is deeply in love with the culture, traditions and management systems of Japan & proudly calls himself "Japan Bhakt". In fact, he has also created various hashtags like #IndiaforTokyoOlympics and #AshutoshForTokyoOlympics. He promotes the same on his Instagram & social media handles. He also has a special chapter in his book about Olympics and how people of Japan were preparing for the same. His heartwarming experiences are definitely going to touch the emotional chord of all the readers. He hopes that his book becomes instrumental in inspiring people to travel to Japan and also for the Olympics.
As a child, he always dreamt of travelling to Japan and other distant lands. However, he thought that this would only remain as a dream, as he grew up in a middle class family and they would not be able to afford to send him outside Gujarat. And hence, travelling abroad was out of question. But, as they say, magic happens and it changed his life. If one strongly desires something while also work towards it, one always ends up getting it.
Fast forward to September 2018, he was part of a team that hosted lunch and a small function for the First Lady of Japan – Her Excellency Ms. Akie Abe in Ahmedabad. At that time, she mentioned that she felt a special connection with India. She had a spiritual outlook and strongly believed in Indian philosophy. She also added that India was a holy land and only those who are destined or summoned can visit India. The feeling was mutual and Ashutosh Rawal could exactly relate to what she was saying since he felt the same way for Japan. He strongly feels that he has past life connection with Japan. That was the moment of realization and he resumed writing a book on his experiences in Japan after many years. Pandemic time gave him the time to finish his long cherished dream to a published Author.
As a seasoned travel professional, Ashutosh Rawal has traveled to over 70 countries but he says that his best experiences are from Japan. He also believes that India's Prime Minister also has a strong connection with Japan and with Ex-Prime Minister of Japan His Excellency Mr. Shinzo Abe. Japan is the country visited highest number of times by the Chief Minister of Gujarat and as then by the Prime Minister of India.
Japan has always been at the forefront of innovation and they always strive for perfection in everything they do. They take on every challenge with a sense of responsibility and take pride in resolving the crisis at hand. In their regular day to day work as well, they plan everything to the smallest of the details. And in this case, everyone is talking about The Olympics, The Biggest Show on Earth. Deep down in his heart, Ashutosh Rawal hopes and prays for the super success of Olympics 2020ne (name changed creatively to depict both the years 2020 & 2021)
If one would like to know more, Ashutosh Rawal will be happy to speak on his instagram account @ashutoshvrawal or email at [email protected], or visit his website https://ashutoshrawal.com.
About Ashutosh Rawal:
Ashutosh Rawal is a world traveler, photographer, adventure seeker, writer, teacher, snake charmer as well as a student forever. Professionally working in the field of Tourism, Destination Marketing and Corporate Events, he travels across India and the globe for his work. He leads the Travel Company called Kairamya Journeys LLP., based in Ahmedabad. He is highly excited about his upcoming book release which narrates his travel experiences in Japan.

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