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Australian police shoot dead 'radicalized' teen who stabbed a man in Perth

Australian police shoot dead 'radicalized' teen who stabbed a man in Perth


, Sunday, 5 May 2024 (12:57 IST)
Western Australia police shot dead a "radicalized" 16-year-old boy on Saturday night after he stabbed a man in Perth. 
State Premier Roger Cook said the teenager attacked a man and then "rushed" at police officers, armed with a kitchen knife. 
The police responded by shooting him twice with Tasers before firing a single fatal shot.
What do we know about the incident? 
The incident occurred in the parking lot of a hardware store in suburban Willetton late Saturday night.
Police received calls from the local Muslim community warning that the attacker was going to commit "acts of violence" without giving his name or location, the state's police commissioner, Col Blanch, told reporters.
Within minutes of the first warning call, another emergency call alerted authorities that a "male with a knife was running around the car park" in Willetton, he said.
Images from body cameras on the police personnel showed the teenager refused officers' demands that he put down the knife.
Officers fired two Tasers at him but "both of them did not have the full desired effect," he said. "The male continued to advance on the third officer with a firearm who fired a single shot and fatally wounded the male."

The victim, who was stabbed in the back in the car park, was reported to be stable in the hospital.
Signs of radicalization
"There are indications he had been radicalized online," Cook said. The police, too, acknowledged that the attack had "hallmarks" of terrorism.
"But I want to reassure the community at this stage it appears that he acted solely and alone," Cook added.
What did PM Albanese say? 
Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said he had been briefed on the incident by police and intelligence agencies, which advised there was no ongoing threat to the community.
"We are a peace-loving nation and there is no place for violent extremism in Australia," Albanese said on social media platform X, formerly Twitter. 

Albanese thanked the police for "acting swiftly to contain the incident."
The attack came weeks after the police in the state of New South Wales charged several boys with terrorism-related offenses for the stabbing of an Assyrian Christian bishop while he was giving a live-streamed sermon in Sydney.
Before that six people were stabbed to death in a shopping complex at the Sydney beachside suburb of Bondi.
That said, gun and knife crime is considered rare in Australia, which consistently ranks among the safest nations in the world.

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