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Myanmar military shooting a protester in head sparks international outrage (Video)

Saturday, 6 March 2021 (10:59 IST)
UN special envoy Christine Schraner Burgener addressed a session on the crisis, urging the international community to act on the "desperate pleas" from Myanmar's anti-coup protesters.
The United Nations special envoy on Myanmar called for urgent Security Council action on Friday, as anti-coup protesters staged more rallies against the coup.
The escalation of violence against peaceful protesters in recent days has put pressure on the international community to act against Myanmar's junta, which seized power on February 1 after ousting the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi.
What was said at the UN Security Council?
Special envoy Christine Schraner Burgener called on the Security Council to act on the "desperate pleas" from people in the country."Your unity is needed more than ever on Myanmar," Schraner Burgener told a session on the crisis. "The repression must stop."
She noted that around 50 peaceful protesters were killed this week in military crackdowns.
"The hope they have placed in the United Nations and its membership is waning and I have heard directly the desperate pleas — from mothers, students and the elderly," she said, adding that she received nearly 2,000 messages each day from Myanmar.
"Allow me to reiterate: the international community should not lend legitimacy or recognition to this — a regime that has been forcefully imposed," she said.
Schraner Burgener urged for a "robust and timely" push for the restoration of democracy.
"We must denounce the actions by the military, which continues to severely undermine the principles of this organization and ignores our clear signals to uphold them," she added.
Any significant coordinated action by the UN seems unlikely as two permanent members of the Security Council — China and Russia — are likely to veto it.
What is the latest in Myanmar?
Despite crackdowns, large protests have continued in major cities across Myanmar — including Mandalay and Yangon.
Demonstrators were once again met with force. A 26-year-old was fatally shot in Mandalay as he and other residents attempted to protect a protest march by a group of engineers.
Earlier on Friday, the US State Department said it took action to prevent the junta from accessing over $1 billion (€839,000) in Myanmar government funds that are held in the United States.

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