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Heart disease caused due to sedentary lifestyle, stress and poor food habit

Friday, 28 September 2018 (19:03 IST)
Kolkata: Heart diseases are mainly caused due to a sedentary lifestyle, stress and poor food habit, according to Dr Dilip Kumar, Cardio Consultant (Interventional & 
Electrophysiologist) here on Friday.On the occasion of World Heart Day on September 29, Dr Kumar said, '' Detailed research has proved that heart diseases are mainly caused due to a sedentary lifestyle, stress, and poor food habit. These factors are leading to rising instances of heart diseases among the youth. ''
'' To even fathom the fact that this ailment is claiming around 17.3 million lives each year the numbers continue to escalate. This can be one of the main factors behind death and disability of Indian youth by 2020.  In the Eastern region too, there has been a significant rise in such cases. The average age of heart patients are coming down; it is expected that within the next decade around 20 per cent of Indian population mainly in their most productive years will be affected, '' he informed.
'' In the US, the average age is 60 years whereas in India the same is 50 years. Stress-free life, healthy diet, and physical activities can keep the heart healthy, '' Dr Kumar added.
'' A healthy heart enables you to achieve the maximum physical fitness and thus helps you to lead a healthy lifestyle. We should not take any central chest pain lightly as it can be a sign of a heart problem and especially during a heart attack, treatment delayed is treatment denied, '' opined Dr Kumar.(UNI)

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