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How much hemoglobin should be present in a healthy human body

Friday, 2 February 2018 (15:37 IST)
The deficiency of Hemoglobin in your body is harmful on the other hand its abundance also has its drawbacks, so it’s very important that it should be in the adequate quantity. In a healthy body, it should not be present more than 20 grams otherwise it will increase the probability of the disease hemochromatosis.
The main work of iron is to make RBC that is red blood cells and also the task of making hemoglobin is also done by iron. It plays a vital role to make our boy fit. What is Hemoglobin?
The Anal or Osteoporosis presents in the internal part of our bones are the source of origin for RBC. Every kind of red blood cells is made in Osteoporosis. 50 lakhs red cells are present in one cubic Milliliters of blood. These blood cells are full of hemoglobin. 
Each saucer of red blood cell contains 30-35% of hemoglobin. The combination of Glylin, a name of amino acid and vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine produce “hemo” and with the addition of protein globin it gets its name “Hemoglobin”.

It must be present 15grams and 13.6 grams in 100 gram milliliters of blood in man’s and woman’s Body respectively. In human body the presence of iron is.004% of total weight.

Its 70% is in Hemoglobin in red blood cells, 4% is in the protein present in muscles, myoglobin, 25% part is in liver, and 1% present in the plasma and the enzymes of cells.

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