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World Hypertension Day: Hypertension is a leading cause of kidney disease and kidney failure: Study

Tuesday, 17 May 2022 (18:23 IST)
NephroPlus, India’s largest dialysis network reveals the Prevalence of Hypertension in patients with CKD, highlighting the importance of managing blood pressure at a very early stage through an internal study.

A total of 16,847 dialysis patients were studied. According to the study, 3 out of 4 patients on Dialysis were hypertensive. Excess weight, lack of exercise or activity, and a diet high in sodium combined with genetic predisposition place these older women at risk for developing high blood pressure.

While most studies reveal that globally, a more significant percentage of men have high blood pressure than women, the Nephroplus study revealed the rising cases of Hypertension in females in the 21-40 age group indicating that Hypertension is a health problem in the younger female population as well.

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