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These 7 foods can help you lose weight! Seriously!


Dr. Surbhi Agrawal

While we all have tried to shed excess kilos at some or other point in our lives, few of us are really successful. Obesity is a growing concern for every family, every adult and now even every child. The obesity health risks like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke should be enough to drive you out of bed early morning for a jog.

But when do you know you are really pushing the limit from being simply chubby and slightly overweight to being obese? By calculating a person’s BMI (Body Mass Index), it can be identified whether the person is obese or not for his height. A person is said to be obese if the BMI is 30 or more. You can calculate your BMI using a BMI Calculator.

Understanding the causes of obesity is quite complex as there are many factors that contribute to the development of obesity. Some causes of obesity include faulty dietary habits, smoking, endocrine illnesses like thyroid, diabetes and several genetic and metabolic factors.

Obesity treatment begins with a complete modification on one’s lifestyle. Exercise alone cannot help in reducing weight. It needs to be coupled with a good diet plan that keeps in mind your food preferences and lifestyle. There are many food items you can include to keep your weight in check. Here are seven foods that help prevent obesity.

Cottage cheese

Paneer or Indian cottage cheese is a terrific source of protein that keeps you full longer. Preparing a dish with less spices and oil will also keep your calories in check.

Calorie counter : 338 calories per 100 gm


We’re serious! Eggs are loaded with proteins and just about every vitamin your body needs. Eating an egg for breakfast will curb your appetite for long which helps in consuming lesser calories as the day proceeds. Fancy a sunny side up?

Calorie counter : 1 large egg contains 72 calories

Mung Bean dal (Moong Dal)

Also known as green gram, this pulse is easily available in the Indian kitchen. This legume is packed with calcium, potassium, iron, vitamins which keeps you full and boosts your immunity system too.A must have for those desperate to shed weight the right way. Toss them up in a salad, or simply sprinkle some salt and pepper and have a bowlful to begin your day the healthy way.

Calorie counter : 1 cup of mung bean sprouts contain 26 calories

Snap Beans

French beans or Snap beans, are packed with potassium, carotenoids, antioxidants, Vitamin C, fiber and a mineral called silicon which is useful for bone and tissue health. Eaten best when steamed, these can easily be added to any salad or munched on while killing time mid-meals. Almost imagining that fat melting away aren’t you?

Calorie counter : a cup (100 gm) contains 31 calories


This Vitamin C and fibre loaded citrus fruit is a great way to lose weight. Not just refreshing and juicy, oranges have hardly any calories and can be consumed easily on the go. Juice them up and carry to work, or munch on them at your work station.  

Calorie counter : 1 small fruit = 62 calories


Any Indian dish is incomplete without turmeric. A compound called curcumin in turmeric helps in reducing fat from the tissues helping in weight loss. It is the star anti-inflammatory substance in this spice that is responsible for the telltale yellow colour of your dishes.

Calorie counter : 1 tsp contains 8 calories


Feeling hungry in the middle of work and worried about the calories? Keep a fistful of almonds handy. They are a rich source of proteins, folic acid, vitamin E, fibre and help keep the blood sugar in check. They are also high on heart-healthy good fats, biotin, manganese and copper that are needed in trace quantities, but important for optimal nerve health and hair.  

Calorie counter : 1 almond contains 7 calories.

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(Dr. Surbhi Agrawal is Consultant Physician and Diabetologist, MBBS, PDDM, MHA, 5+ years experience)

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