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‘45 crore Indian population suffer from different allergies’

Sunday, 16 October 2022 (17:10 IST)
Hyderabad: Renowned medical practitioners said that about 45 crore of Indian population suffer from different allergies and have sleep issues.

Food just contributes to 25 per cent of our allergies and a major contributor is the surroundings in which we live.

These facts were shared by them while speaking at the Late Suraj Prasad Agarwal (Past President, FTCCI) Memorial Distinguished Lecture Series on New frontiers of Health Care organized by Federation of Telangana Chambers of Commerce (FTCCI) here.

In his opening address, FTCCI President Anil Agarwal said “ It gives me immense pleasure personally to be part of Suraj Prasad Agarwal Memorial Distinguished Lecture on New frontiers of Health Care organized by FTCCI.

During his Presidential period, many national and international events were organized to showcase the state as an investment destination.

He also led many more Business delegations to promote trade and industry of our state. Today, we will learn more information about infection, inflammation & immunity and allergy, asthma & sleep disorder by our eminent speakers”, he said.

In his chief guest address Dr Undurti N Das said, “Most diseases are now considered as due to inflammation. These include: osteoarthritis, DM, HTN, CAD, Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Depression, MS, RA and Lupus.

At the molecular level all diseases appear to be similar except that target tissues/cells are different. This implies that same/similar treatment may work for all if we can develop methods to target the specific tissues,” he added.

Sharing some recent data, Dr Vyakarnam Nageshwar, Pulmonologist, Allergist and Immunologist listed out some dos and don’ts to contain allergies which among others include to wash our pets regularly, to avoid pets in bedrooms and sofas and to install pigeon netting.

The most common allergy comes from dust mites, Dr Nageshwar said it can be destroyed by heat.

There is a need to wash our blankets, bedsheets and pillow covers in hot water 130 F and need to dry them in the sun. Anything that collects dust such as carpet, curtains sofa covers, soft toys should be cleaned regularly.

To contain Fungus allergy, Moulds in the bathroom has to be cleaned and areas of leakage. It has to be done with bleach, waterproofing and replace damaged pipes besides to wash Air-conditioning vents regularly.

To avoid pollen allergies there has to be early morning and late evening exposure and shower and put clothes for washing immediately after a walk.

The event among others was attended by the members of Late Suraj Prasad Agarwal family, Khyati Naravane CEO FTCCI, Mr Shekhar Agarwal Convener health care Committee FTCCI, Prof Reddanna Executive President FABA and Rakhi Kankaria Co-Chair health care committee FTCC. (UNI)

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