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Turkey decides to stay in Afghanistan, Taliban warns of consequences

Tuesday, 13 July 2021 (16:15 IST)
Kabul: The Taliban terrorist organization on Tuesday condemned Ankara's decision to extend its military presence in Afghanistan and warned Turkey of the consequences of such actions. 

Turkey offered to take over responsibility for securing the Kabul international airport once NATO forces withdraw from the country under certain conditions, including financial and logistical backing. Ankara is currently discussing details of the arrangement with the United States.

The Taliban noted that they will consider the stay of any foreign forces after the agreed deadline as occupation and will deal with them accordingly — on the basis of "fatwa [ruling] under which the past twenty-year Jihad has been waged."

The movement further urged Turkey to review the decision "due to it being detrimental for both countries" and, instead, focus on mutually beneficial cooperation. (UNI)

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