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Akhara Parishad chief lashes out at Islamic clerics for protesting against population policy

Tuesday, 13 July 2021 (16:09 IST)
:-Vikas Singh

The much-touted Uttar Pradesh Population policy is being a hot cake in political circles. It has been introduced a year before the swing state goes and hence allegations of polarisation has been levelled against the cm Yogi Adityanath. That's not all even the Vishwa Hindu Parishad has been miffed over the population control draft which was presented on International Population day. 
However, in a much breather for the Yogi Adityanath, the top-notch organisation of Hindu saints, Akhada Parishad has lent support to the newly formed policy of the UP government aimed to keep a check on the population control. The president of Akhara Parishad Mahendra Giri stated that saints will soon kick start an awareness drive to propagate the policy.
In a tête-à-tête with Webdunia Mahendra Giri said that population policy is need of the hour not only for the state but also for the nation. He also rubbished the concerns of the Muslim figures in this regard. 
He said" Muslims say that it is the gift of Almighty Allah. I ask them what is the contribution of Allah in the reproduction process? They bring almighty Allah in any discourse. Even if A Muslim marries 3 women but he should have only 2 offspring. Now this formula of 2 kids from 1 wife should stop which takes the grand total to 14 kids. Islam may carry on the concept of 3 wives but there should be a cap on reproduction after 2 kids."
He added."The population explosion has been the root cause of many problems.  Neither the public at large is receiving quality education nor medical facilities. Astringent law was required for the population control and yogi adityanath has mustered the courage to execute it."
Replying to the protest registered by Darul ulum Devband, 'Giri stated that it is their habit to protest any appreciable move by the government. Islamic scholars are only concerned about their well being and not the development of the nation.' 
Speaking on the 1 child provision,  Giri said that it will help to keep the population in check. However, he also said that it may reduce the population of Hindus as majoritarian have followed 2 child policy for a long time. It can turn them into a minority in the near future as the population of Muslims is growing rapidly. 
In the end, he appealed to the Islamic clerics to accept the population policy and also aware the peoples of the same faith regarding the benefits of population control. (WD)

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