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After Mallikarjun Kharge’s Ravana jibe, another Congress leader compares PM Narendra Modi to Bhasmasura

Saturday, 3 December 2022 (14:46 IST)
Bengaluru: After Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge compared Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Ravana, Karnataka Congress leader V S Ugrappa compared Modi with Bhasmasura.

"Mr Modiji, you must stop behaving like Bhasmasura and continue with the policy of giving education and scholarship to children as per Article 21-A, wherein right to education and scholarship is a fundamental right," Ugrappa said in Kannada here on Friday.

According to Hindu sacred texts, Bhasmasura was a demon who had the power to turn into ashes anyone whose head he touched with his hand.

Recently Kharge compared Modi with Ravana ahead of the Gujarat assembly elections.

"We see your face everywhere in corporation elections, MLA elections and MP elections. Do you have 100 heads like Raavan?" Kharge said at a gathering in Ahmedabad's Behrampura area.

Hitting back at Kharge, Modi said it was not the AICC chief's fault because he was ordered to call him Ravana in the land of Ram Bhakts.

"There is a competition in Congress about who can abuse me more. I respect Khargeji, he will say what he will be ordered to say. The Congress does not know that this is the Gujarat of Ram bhakts. On this land of Ram bhakts, Khargeji was ordered to call me Raavan with 100 heads and he did so," Modi said. (UNI)

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