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Petrol & Diesel became 5 rs expensive in Delhi since 4th May

Wednesday, 9 June 2021 (11:42 IST)
New Delhi: The prices of petrol and diesel on Wednesday rose again to a new record level after remaining stable on Tuesday.Petrol became costlier by up to 25 paise and diesel by 27 paise in four metro cities of the country.
According to Indian Oil Corporation, Petrol and diesel prices in the national capital on Wednesday rose by 25 paise to Rs 95.56 and Rs 86.47 per liter respectively. Petrol and diesel prices have been increased for 21 days from May 4 till now, while there has been no change in prices for the remaining 16 days. Petrol has become costlier by Rs 5.16 and diesel by Rs 5.74 in Delhi during this period.
In Mumbai, petrol became costlier by 24 paise to Rs 101.76, in Chennai by 23 paise to Rs 96.94 and in Kolkata by 24 paise to Rs 95.52 per liter.
Diesel became costlier by 27 paise in Mumbai, 23 paise in Chennai and 25 paise in Kolkata. The price of a liter of diesel has gone up to Rs 93.85 in Mumbai to Rs 89.32 in Kolkata and Rs 91.15 in Chennai.
The prices of petrol and diesel in four metros of the country on Wednesday are as follows:
Maha cong president slammed NDA over fuel price rises
Maharashtra Congress President Nana Patole  said, “The Modi government at the Center has hiked the prices of petrol, diesel and LPG. Petrol has crossed the Rs 100 per liter mark and diesel has gone up to Rs 92 per liter. If the price hike continues like this, it will not take long for diesel to reach Rs 100 per liter.”“Cooking gas has also gone up to Rs 900. Inflation has made life difficult for people. The Corona crisis is already plaguing the population, which is suffering from inflation,” he added.
He further alleged, “The Modi government has made a profit of crores of rupees in the form of taxes from petrol and diesel, but the general public has fallen into the abyss of inflation. Excise duty on petrol, which was Rs 9.48 under the UPA government, has gone up by Rs 32.90, or 258 per cent, while on diesel, it was Rs 3.56, which is Rs 31.80 today, an increase of 820 per cent. In the last 7 years, the Modi government has looted Rs 20 to 25 lakh crore from this excise duty.”(UNI)

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