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About 650 animals die due to Lumpy skin virus in HP

Sunday, 28 August 2022 (18:28 IST)
Hamirpur: The Lumpy skin virus that has spread in an epidemic form in Himachal Pradesh has so far claimed the lives of around 650 animals.

The state government had already declared the virus an epidemic and had announced a relief of thirty thousand rupees per dead animal.

The death of such a large number of milch animals has caused great hardship to the animal owners as they were unable to sell their milk and earn money from there.

However, no relief has so far been given to the farmers so far lamented, one of the farmers of the Una district.

The important thing is that the Animal Husbandry Department at its level declared the lumpy virus an epidemic, but no notification was issued on this by the disaster management. Unless a notification in this regard is issued by the disaster management and instructions are not given to the District Magistrates, then no one can get compensation.

The Disaster Management Department has started a discussion on this and a file has also been sought from the Animal Husbandry Department in this regard, said an official spokesman.

Meanwhile, the number of animals affected by the virus has reached the figure of 26950.

Notably, in nine of the twelve districts of the state, the Lumpy virus was spread fast among animals and there are continuous deaths. Right now this epidemic is there only in the tribal districts because the weather is going cold there. The biggest impact of this disease is in the Una district adjoining Punjab, where the temperature is on the higher side.

According to the Animal Husbandry Department, 59 thousand 094 animals have been injected so far after the virus and after that 19,461 active cases, were there and 6636 animals have recovered from this disease.

Dr. Ajay Sharma, Secretary, Animal Husbandry Department, the department was making efforts against the virus. The vaccine was fully available in the state and it was being given on demand to the districts.

Dr. Ajay Sharma said since the Lumpy virus had been declared an epidemic and the Deputy Commissioners concerned would release the compensation amount in the districts. (UNI)

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