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OMG! Facebook can cause you serious HEART problems!

58.5 percent people have admitted to keep up late at night because of Whatsapp (apparently chatting)

Saturday, 18 March 2017 (16:21 IST)
Beware, and hear the alarm bell ringing! It is right there and now also proven by researches. Excessive use of Facebook and Whatsapp is injurious to health and how! Well, it can cause you no less than some serious heart problems.

And this is coming from no other place than Bengaluru’s “National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences.” A recent research done by the Institute says, what everybody already more or less knows. Things are getting out of hand and the excessive and frantic use of your mobile phone can get you in a soup.

The research says that because of Facebook and Whatsapp people are now going to sleep a lot later in night and even after falling asleep they keep checking their phone every now and then to see if there is some new update. This is leading to some serious lack of sound sleep and therefore a lot of anxiety.

Now doctors have started suggesting people to keep their phone or internet connection off before going to sleep and to make sure in the first place that they go to sleep on time.

A big increase in the heart disease in youths is also found in some other studies. A private hospital from Gurugram says that 90 percent of these youths have a common cause for their malady and that is internet!

A researcher has also given us data. He says 58.5 percent people have admitted to keep up late at night because of Whatsapp (apparently chatting) and next big thing is Facebook with 32.6 percent.

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