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“Bring 5 Lakh dowry or sleep with my younger brother,” Kanpur husband tells wife

“Bring 5 Lakh dowry or sleep with my younger brother,” Kanpur husband tells wife

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, Sunday, 2 June 2024 (15:30 IST)
The brother of a victim in Kanpur has lodged an FIR against his sister’s in-laws including his brother-in-law. It is alleged that they were demanding an additional dowry of Rs 5 lakh. When she refused, husband forced his sister to make relation with his brother.

According to the brother of the victim, his sister, a resident of Naubasta, was married on 15 January 2023. Shortly after the marriage, the in-laws started demanding an additional dowry of five lakh rupees.

The brother alleged that the husband pressurized his sister to make a relation with his brother and forcibly locked both of them in the room. During that time, his brother molested her. After this, they poured kerosene on his sister and threatened her if she would tell anyone; she would be burnt to death. The husband and his brother kicked the sister in the stomach, which lead to abortion of her three-month-old pregnancy.

According to the brother, when he went to his sister's in-laws' house on 30 May 2024, he was abused, beaten and thrown out of the house.

According to the police, action will be taken against the accused in the case.

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