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This 7 feet long Python was saved before turning into meat in just 150 RS

, Wednesday, 11 April 2018 (14:01 IST)
Agartala: A state government employee has been recognised for his step to save a seven feet long python from killing for meat in a local market yesterday in Duski area of Teliamura sub-division in West Tripura.

Forest Minister Mevar Kumar Jamatia said here on Wednesday that a group of tribal youths recovered the python from the jungle of Baramura hill and brought for sell in the local market. The python meat is a delicious item among the local tribal and the rate rose to Rs 100.

Meantime, and employee of Teliamura rural development block Amiya Jamatia came across the information of python deal and bought it at Rs 150 to prevent it’s killing. Later, he handed it over to the staff of Teliamura Forest Office.“The department is sincerely recognised the step of Amiya and we want others should follow the footstep of him,” said the minister.(UNI)

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