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What Does Whatsapp’s New Policy Mean?

Wednesday, 13 January 2021 (16:01 IST)
Amidst increasing concerns of a common man losing his privacy to Whatsapp’schange in its privacy rules, people are thinking of alternative options to hop on as they fear their data to be leaked and sent to Facebook.
However, Whatsapp clarified with its take on this and said that the messages that a BUSINESS account exchanges with their client will be sent to Facebook for marketing purposes and not the personal messages between your friends and family.
The common messages that you share with your family and friends are still encrypted from end to end meaning they cannot be and will not be shared with Facebook. Whatsapp also doesn’t keep any track of the messages or calls exchanged on Whatsapp as it is considered private according to its policy.What does this mean for you?
If you have only one Whatsapp for your personal use, nothing changes for you. It only changes for business accounts on Whatsapp. This data will be shared with Facebook to improve the quality of the ads they will show you which will be more relevant to your interests.
If you do not have a Facebook account, you cannot be shown any ads. So, things still stay the same for you.However, if you do use Facebook and chat with a business, you might start seeing similar kind of ads on your Instagram. When using Whatsapp for business, you
emails, calls and messages will be heard, seen and then relevant ads will beshown to you.
Should you leave Whatsapp and go on another platform?No, if you do not use the app for business, the things are the same for you. If you’re still planning on leaving Whatsapp but will continue to use Facebook, it makes no sense. The data that Whatsapp has at the moment will always be with them but it doesn’t violate your privacy if used for personal conversations.

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