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3 reasons why T20 World Cup should be played once in 4 years

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, Wednesday, 25 October 2023 (17:09 IST)
Increasing amount of T20 cricket in World cricket is going to make it less interesting one day. So for making it gripping with the time ICC should increase the year gap in between the T20 World Cup.

For the last 3 years every year some ICC tournament is taking place which is making them less interesting and valuable. ICC should pay attention to this, 3 T20 Worlds will be played between 2021 to 2024. The T20 World Cup needs to be changed and if ICC want to make it last long in the audience's heart then they have to increase the gap from 1 year to 2 or 3 years like the ODI World Cup.

Because of the one year gap of the T20 World Cup we,ve been unable to enjoy the Champions Trophy for the last 6 years which was about to be held in 2021. Schedule of the T20 World Cup is disturbing other tournaments too. There are many more reasons to avoid the 1 year gap between the T20 World Cup, so in this article we are going to take a look at 3 big reasons to support the argument.

To create hype

Psychology says that no matter how much we like a thing that we see a lot, after a time we do not feel like seeing it and gradually the feeling of love towards it disappears from our heart. So if ICC wants to make T20I cricket more valuable by the time then they should have to make it more disciplined and less visible in terms of tournaments. The World Cup is the highest stage of a game and organizing it for almost every year will reduce the hype of the game. For example people usually ignore some bilateral series of ODI format for 3 years but they went crazy for the ODI World Cup in the fourth year. No doubt T20 cricket is more popular and viewed than ODI cricket but if the World   Cup keeps happening every year, that day is not near when people will be bored of this format.

Ideal time gap

1 year for a World Cup doesn’t seem the ideal time gap to be given. We see almost every game there is a 3 or 4 years gap between their biggest tournament either it’s olympics or football, even there is also a 3 years gap for ODI World Cup in cricket. If not 3 years then it can be the gap for years.

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Player’s mental health

T20 cricket is a fast game where test cricket last for maximum 5 and ODI for maximum 1 day this format doesn’t go for more than 5 hours which makes people invested in it, because of the increasing popularity of this game many countries have started their own franchise cricket to make money, because of franchise cricket players are getting involved for whole year and they get very less chance to take a break from cricket and that make them unprepared for big tournaments, if players will play whole year and they can’t get break, it will turn their mental health like hell and then players will decided to pick only one format to play because they can’t switch into every format within a year with franchise and ICC tournaments. Many players like Ben stokes, Moeen Ali and MS Dhoni who left other formats to focus on one or two of them.


Gap of one year between the T20 World Cup is not only damaging player’s mental health but also audiences will slowly get bored with the time. If the ICC wants to increase the popularity and craziness about this format with the time then they have to think about increasing the time gap between the T20 World Cup.

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