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Why Arvind Kejriwal is the worst kind of politician!

Because, in his distorted world view, he is the only person who is virtuous and everybody else, who is not with him, is wrong and flawed and immoral


Sushobhit Saktawat

Arvind Kejriwal has to be the worst kind of politician you can ever imagine to have, and for good reasons!

Because, If he wins with big numbers, its his own personal victory. If he loses, it's always EVM or something.

Because, in his distorted world view, he is the only person who is right and virtuous and everybody else, who is not with him, is wrong and flawed and immoral.

Because, he wouldn’t do anything, all he will do is the worst kind of mud-slinging on PM or LG or anyone who he thinks can be targeted to grow tall.

Because, he is forever in agitation mode. He fails to understand that now he is sitting on a constitutional chair and needs to perform himself. He doesn’t know the meaning of raising the bar, all he would do is to punch above his weight.

Because, he is simply out of joints with the modern day politics, in fact, he wouldn't even fit in the old school!

Heck, so many Because are here!

However, let’s admit it : A responsibility like Chief Minister's chair is too big for Kejriwal, he belongs to the streets and alleys protesting anything which comes to his mind, because, guess what, this is the easiest thing in the world to do! To jump about anything and shout slogans!

After the shambolic and disastrous Delhi MCD poll results, while AAP made all the vain noises, it was the former AAPian Yogendra Yadav, who hit all the right notes.

While elaborating upon the virtues of his own Swaraj Abhiyan party (Basically a party cut from the AAP cloth, the ideal original concept of AAP that is), he in a nutshell, typical of his utterance, articulated that the manner in which, despite being incumbent in MCD and without a great track record, BJP managed to register a landslide victory in Delhi, tells a lot. It had less to do with BJP, little more to do with the favorable political ecosystem that PM Narendra Modi enjoys, but most to do with the spectacular failures of AAP in Delhi. And he didn't mince his words when he suggested that the elections are fought by AAP on the brand image of Arvind Kejriwal, he should also own the failure. If Ajay Maken can do it, why not him! 

AAP, with all its hue and cry, simply let the voters down. It was supposed to become the party of common men of India, it let them down too. In fact, once in power, after the massive mandate of February 2015, AAP proved worse, even worse than Congress.

The party was split immediately, losing all its credible faces. Party MLA’s and ministers were found out on more than one occasion. And on top of it, Arvind Kejriwal presided over a politics of immense negativism, of lethargy and stink and rot, of mud-slinging, of forever passing the buck, of zero vision to take India ahead, of resigning to spent political maneuvering, against which he was chosen by the people of Delhi in the first place.

The emphatic MCD poll results should bring Arvind Kejriwal to the ground, only there is no such hope. He is already out with his "rigged elections" rant, blaming EVM machines for his defeat. The reason why you call Arvind Kejriwal the worst kind of politician is precisely this that he is incapable of looking beyond his petty nose! He has taken the political cultures of India to such bottomless abyss, that were never touched before, since it contains the stain of general betrayal!

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