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Let’s cheerfully welcome Sri Baala Rama to Ayodhya

Let’s cheerfully welcome Sri Baala Rama to Ayodhya
, Wednesday, 24 January 2024 (14:59 IST)
R. Harishankar

Let’s cheerfully welcome Sri Baala Rama to Ayodhya, and now the talk of the entire world is only about Lord Baala Rama (Child Rama), who has been installed in the Ayodhya Temple, and the sacred consecration ceremony had been wonderfully held on 22.01.2024 amidst large number of RAM devotees! 
Hereafter, the auspicious Ayodhya Ram Mandir will be treated as a ‘VERY SPECIAL TEMPLE’ in the entire world, since the powerful, youthful and delightful idol of Lord Baala Rama was installed. The idol was made depicting lord Rama as a smiling attractive five-year-old boy. Now the pictures of the idol were released, and devotees are eagerly watching it out every day and night, since their precious god, Baala Rama, was at last gave his remarkable presence in the earth! Devotees liked the way the idol was sculptured as we could find the real infant Rama on to the idol.
The main reason for installing the deity of Baala Rama, is to introduce the young age Rama to the whole world. Similar to Udupi and Guruvayur Baala Krishna, we should have one Baala Rama deity at Ayodhya also! Still some people questions, that why there is a necessity to keep a child deity of Rama at Ayodhya, instead of keeping the Pattabishekha Rama (Crowned King of Ayodhya)! The reason for installing the child Rama deity in Ayodhya is, in general, people would be easily impressed with a child, rather than an adult, and whenever we come across a child, we would show our love and affection towards that, by offering it a gentle kiss or at least we would smile on seeing the child.
On seeing our Baala Rama at the Ayodhya Temple, even the other religious people have got impressed on him. The qualities of Baala Rama are quite amazing and similar to Lord Baala Krishna, he has also killed demons, and brought peace and prosperity to the whole world!
Though Lord Rama didn’t take birth with Chanku and Chakra on his hands, but through his shining face and his lovely smile, he witnessed the people of Ayodhya, that he is a divine avatar of Lord Vishnu. During the time of his birth, the mother of Lord Rama, Maa Kausalya had dreamt that the powers of Lord Vishnu had entered into her womb. When the great sage Valmiki had once questioned to sage Narada, whether there is any noble person born in the earth. Narada had replied to him, that a pious person was born in Ayodhya, and his name was Rama. Narada also explained to Valmiki, about the nature of Rama, and his good qualities.
During the time of his young age itself, Lord Baala Rama and Lakshmana, went along with Viswamitra, and they had destroyed various terrible demons through their bow and arrow. He relieved Maa Ahalya from her curse, and asked her to join along with her husband Rishi Gouthama.  Rama also went to Mithila along with Rishi Viswamitra and Laksmana. And there they have been welcomed by the noble king of Mithila, Janaka, and as per the wish of King Janaka, Rama lifted the bow (Shiv Dhanush) and also broke it. On seeing this wonderful incident, Janaka was very happy, and he sent messengers to Ayodhya in order to arrange marriage for his daughter Sita with Lord Rama.
It also tells the respect he has shown to his father, King Dasaratha and obeys his orders and went to the forest. He acts as an example for others with regard to his Guru Bhakti, love and affection towards his father, mother and wife. And his good characteristics like honesty, dedication and sincerity was mentioned in the epic Ramayana.

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