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Super Six: How half a dozen girls got a launchpad to make a mark with "SKILLSPACE"

Super Six: How half a dozen girls got a launchpad to make a mark with
, Friday, 6 October 2023 (10:08 IST)
:- Priyanka Mahajan

My father once imparted a valuable lesson: "It's not about the magnitude of our gains, but the impact, be it big or small, that we leave behind." Today, I can't help but imagine my father looking down from heaven, bursting with pride as he witnesses the modest yet significant impacts I've made in the lives of those who simply needed a helping hand.

It all began in my father's garage, a clichéd but true starting point for my small venture called Skillspace. The core concept behind Skillspace was to carve out a space for skill development, especially for those individuals, who have grand aspirations but limited financial means. On the day I assumed the role of founder, I couldn't help but wonder if this idea would truly flourish or if it was merely a moralistic concept with no practicality.

With a small group of only six young girls, all hailing from humble backgrounds and fresh out of school, I embarked on this training journey. I made a promise to them: if they dedicated themselves to skill development and hard work, I would ensure they reached great heights. To breathe life into my vision, I charged a mere 10 percent of the exorbitant fees demanded by larger training institutes. Furthermore, I offered free pick-up and drop-off services in my own brand-new car, occasionally driving myself to ensure their transportation. Though my family and friends laughed at my apparent folly, my determination to make a positive impact remained unwavering.


After six months of rigorous training, the girls faced a series of rejections in airline interviews, and doubts crept into my mind, questioning the feasibility of my idea. However, today, one of them works with IndiGO, another with Air India, and yet another graces the catwalks for renowned designers. I am overwhelmed with happiness and pride, knowing that I never gave up on them, and, most importantly, they never gave up on themselves.

My father was right: regardless of the material possessions I've accumulated throughout my life, these small impacts that I've been able to create in people's lives bring me the greatest joy.

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