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How is your Day: 28th July

Wednesday, 28 July 2021 (10:30 IST)
Aries:  Journey and investments go as per plans. Your wisdom takes you to the new heights of success. It is advised not to take risks.

Taurus :  Stay away from greed in your professional arena. Ignore your ego and seek support in important decisions. Every plan is expected to be fruitful today.

Gemini :  It is advised not to poke nose in internal matters of the third person. Avoid being sloppy and don’t delay important assignments.

Cancer :  A legal glitch in a real estate deal looms large on your head today. You are occupied with tension due to economic instability.

Leo :  Kindly maintain dignity while dealing with relatives. A professional relation will work in your favor today.  Use wisdom and logic to get the work done.   

Virgo :  Your contribution in a team work gets applauded by the colleagues. You may purchase a luxury item later in the day.

Libra :  Have a check on your addiction towards anything. A social gathering with the saints is on the cards.  It is advised to remain away from an altercation.

Scorpio :  A problem related to livelihood or profession will be resolved today. Personal efforts will  bring results. Avoid using harsh words in a conversation.

Sagittarius :  A good day in office as chances of promotion are very rife. Besides, a family member too can be promoted. Monetary benefits will await today.  

Capricorn :  You implement all the financial planning done on the paper.  A road mishap is on the cards so drive carefully. The family environment is going to be tensed.

Aquarius :  Your optimism paves the path of progress. A sure shot success in a competition can bring you laurel.  Children will render their help.

Pisces:-  Cupid will pour romance in your married life today.  Your efforts and hard-work brings the much awaited success. Investment in a movable or immovable asset will be beneficial.

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