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YRF comes forward to support thousands of daily wage earners of B-town

Friday, 3 April 2020 (21:33 IST)
Mumbai: Yash Raj Films is pledging its support to protect the daily wage earners of the Hindi film industry during the COVID-19 pandemic that has hit India hard. Such workers include people in the setting department, carpenters, lighting, junior artists, spots, etc.

This strata of daily earning people have been most affected, economically, due to the stopping of all work during all India lockdown. YRF wants to ensure that this work force is provided for at this crucial time of need with the basic means to sustain themselves and also look after their families.
An industry source informs that YRF is reaching out to thousands of daily wage earners of the industry and their families who are in critical need of support and has already collected details of their bank accounts.

The Yash Chopra Foundation will be crediting the donation directly into the banks of these people in dire need so that the money reaches this strata quickly and the process is more efficient during the time of lockdown. YRF is committed to helping as many vulnerable people as possible to ensure the most needy workers in critical financial state from the industry stay protected. In Phase 1 of the support, YRF will be paying out Rs. 1.5 crore to these workers and their families, adds the industry source.

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