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3 easy fixes to glow bright during monsoon!

Tuesday, 5 July 2022 (16:35 IST)
New Delhi: Lush green trees, satiny clouds and the blissful pitter-patter of raindrops all over, the rainy season truly offers rich and radiant sights.

If there is one caveat that creeps on us during monsoons, it is our epidermal well-being. People with dull and dry skin often face many issues during monsoon as the humidity level is on an all-time high.

From messy rashes to agonising acne, the rainy season can bring a number of uninvited visitors to our skin’s doorstep.

So, how does one stay rich and radiant when it rains? How does one dazzle when it drizzles? Mansi Vyas, Co-founder, Azafran, a homegrown natural and vegan skincare brand, tell us three easy steps to glow bright during monsoon:

Skip regular scrubbing

While scrubbing may be a good idea in most weather conditions, monsoon is a time when our skin tends to be damp and moist; hence, rigorous and daily scrubbing may scratch our skin barrier and scrape out its natural oils and nutrients. As the rains pour in, scrubbing should be limited to a mild and soft action practiced not more than once a week. It will prove more than enough to deep cleanse our pores.

Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize

A common misconception nursed in monsoon is that moisturising is no longer necessary. Not only is this a false statement, it can also make our skin vulnerable to harmful UV rays. Monsoons mean that most of us are cooped up indoors in air conditioned environments which can alleviate dry skin problems. The best way to nourish our skin barriers in such conditions is to apply our friendly old moisturizer. Moisturizing hydrates our body and also regulates the sebum content of our oil glands, which is extremely necessary to decimate pimples and other irritants.

Say yes to sunscreen

Another famous myth that keeps doing the rounds during rains is the opportunity to skip sunscreen sessions. This wrong idea emerges from the false theory that the absence of sun supports the skipping of sunscreen. But, the truth is, irrespective of the sun shining or not, UVA and UVB rays can very much attack our skin in monsoon, this attack could be more severe for people with dry skin since the rays can penetrate easier. Thus, it becomes pivotal to use sunscreens to protect our skin in rainy weather. 

If the above three facets are systematically taken care of, one never needs to fret about skin quality come monsoons.

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