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Social boycott on family as boy marries girl from same village

Friday, 12 February 2021 (10:41 IST)
Palghar:A family in a village in the state’s Konkan region facing social boycott by the villagers has escaped to Mumbai and settled in Vasai.The mistake of the family was that the boy in the family married a girl from the same village which is prohibited by the villagers and hence the local Panchayat has boycotted the family totally following the orders of the Panchayat.
The couple hailing from Devrukh of Ratnagiri got married on February 03,2020 at Mumbai’s Khar despite the opposition from the family members and took up the challenge to fight the prevailing dictats even in this 21st century.
Ever since the marriage of the couple the family of the boy has been kept out of all the activities and functions and events in the village and has been facing humiliation and as the couple could not not take it any more they shifted to Vasai it was stated.
The Devrukh police have on February 02,2021 incidentally one year after the marriage of the couple registered an FIR against 12 persons who include the Village committee office bearers the relatives of the couple and also the father in law of the complainant boy.
The police have charged them under various sections of 143,149 and 153, 120B and RW 34 of the IPC and also sections 5,6 and 7 of the Maharashtra Protection of People from Social Boycott (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2016.
It was immediately not not known if any arrest is made in connection with the crime as the DSP Ratnagiri Dr. Mohit Kumar Gharg could not not be reached despite several attempts.
The main accused in the crime were the five members of the local panchayat Patgaon, Boudhwadi in Sanmeshwar of Devrukh in Ratnagiri. They include the President, Vice President, secretary etc etc.The couple are in the age group of around 20’s it was stated.
The boy in his complaint to the police also said that the accused went to such an extent that when his grand mother died in the village the family was not not allowed to perform last rights and also they were not not allowed to enter the village giving threat that if they attempt the rights the committee members and other villagers would resort to riots.(UNI)

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