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38 Sri Lankan citizens staying without Passport detained in Mangaluru

Friday, 11 June 2021 (21:23 IST)
Mangaluru: CCB Police of Mangaluru have detained 38 citizens of Srilanka staying in this Port City without valid Passport. Sources said that all of them had arrived to leave for Canada.

“As many as 38 Sri Lankan nationals have been detained over illegal stay in the country under Mangaluru south police station limits on Friday,” said police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar.

Addressing the media here, he said, “Thirty-eight Sri Lankans had entered Tamil Nadu illegally from Sri Lanka and reached Mangaluru a month ago. They stayed in two lodges and two houses for the last one and half month claiming themselves to be daily wage and coolie workers and fishermen from Tamil Nadu.”

“They left Sri Lanka on March 17 by paying Rs 6 to Rs 10 lakh Sri Lankan to an agent in Sri Lanka. He had promised them jobs in Canada. They reached Tamil Nadu's Thoothukudi by boat. After reaching Thoothukudi, their plan was to reach the nearest port and travel via private boats and cargo ships to Canada. But due to elections in Tamil Nadu and heavy presence of police, they were moved to Mangaluru for a while. From Tamil Nadu, they travelled in private buses to Bengaluru in small groups where there was an agent in Bengaluru as well. From Bengaluru, they reached Mangaluru.”

“There were 39 Sri Lankans in which 38 are detained. One person aged around 65-70 years has returned back, a few weeks ago. We will trace him as well. We have filed a case under IPC human trafficking, cheating, Passport Act 1967, Foreigners Act 1945 and Foreigners Order 1948. We will probe into the case deeply to trace the coordinators, who helped them in giving shelter and part of a larger conspiracy.”

“Mangaluru has been shelter to many from other states and countries for purpose of jobs and education. If anyone is found suspiciously moving, citizens can inform police. In case people fail to produce proper documents in hotels and lodge,” police can be informed.

“Tamil Nadu police are already probing the case and they have detained 40 people. We have also detained 6-7 people for interrogation.”

“There is an organized racket in Tamil Nadu where people are promised jobs in Canada. We will investigate deeply as there has to be someone who coordinated in Mangaluru as well. It is impossible for 38 Sri Lankans to stay in Mangaluru for a month without any network or coordination,” he said. (UNI)

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