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Around 400 migratory birds strangled to death at Ramsar

Thursday, 31 December 2020 (13:53 IST)
Shimla: Highly protected Ramsar LlPong dam wetlands witnessed a merciless strangulation of more than 400 migratory birds forcing the state wildlife authority to rise from Nelson sleep.
State wildlife authorities which keeps constant vigil on Pong Dam lake in Kangra district disclosed in Wednesday that strangled more than 400 migratory birds have been found dead under mysterious circumstances at a place in the wetland.The wildlife staff deployed in the Dhameta range reported the sudden death of four Bar-Headed Geese and one Common Teal in Fatehpur area.

An post-mortem of the victims prized birds did not indicate poisoning as per the preliminary findings, and samples of the birds were then sent for further testing.
Following the incident, field staff of wildlife sanctuary directed to scanned the entire stretch of bankment and wetland recovered the strangled 421 migratory birds under wild life ranges of Dhameta and Nagrota.
Samples of the dead Bar-Headed Geese were taken to a veterinary laboratory in Shahpur and their viscera samples then sent to the veterinary college in Palampur and the Regional Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (RDDL) in Jalandhar.
“A team of veterinary doctors from Kangra also visiting the Guglara area for assessment of ground realities and send samples to the Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) in Bareilly, RDDL in Jalandhar and Wildlife Institute of India (WII) in Dehradun for further examination,” the official said.

Meanwhile, Forest Minister Rakesh Pathania on Wednesday asked the wildlife wing to investigate the cause of death of the birds at the earliest.“It's an unfortunate incident for the state and a matter of concern and if any foul play is ascertained, strict action would be taken against the guilty." he added.
Strict action against guilty for causing death of migratory birds: HP Forest Min
Shimla: Forest Youth Services and Sports Minister Rakesh Pathania said here on Wednesday that the matter of death of hundreds of migratory birds in Pong Dam Lake is being investigated by the officials of Wildlife department and after receiving the reports of the samples sent to different institutions, strict action will be initiated against the guilty.He said the death of hundreds of migratory birds is an unfortunate incident for the state and a matter of concern.
Mr Pathania sought full details on the incident from the officers of the wildlife wing and he directed that the causes of death of migratory birds should be ascertained at the earliest. He further directed the senior wildlife officials to go to the site and investigate various aspects as to what lead to the death of these birds.
The Deputy Chief Conservator (DCF) Wildlife Hamirpur said that on December 28, 2020, the field staff of Dhameta Range reported the sudden death of four Bar-Headed Geese and one Common Teal in Fatehpur area. Post-mortem of the dead birds was done by veterinary officers at Fatehpur.
Preliminary findings from the post mortem did not suggest poisioning. These samples were sent to Veterinary Laboratory at Shahpur for further testing.
On December 29, 2020 the field staff of Pong Dam Lake wildlife sanctuary were ordered to search the entire area of the sanctuary for deaths of other migratory birds.They found a further 421 migratory birds dead in Majhar, Bathari, Sihal, Jagnoli, Chatta, Dhameta and Kuthera areas of the wildlife range Dhameta and in Guglara area of Jawali Beat of Wildlife Range Nagrota.
He also informed that the samples of dead Bar Headed Geese were taken to the Veterinary Laboratory, Shahpur for testing. The viscera samples have been prepared at the laboratory and sent to RDDL, Jalandhar and Veterinary College Palampur.
Meanwhile, a team of veterinary doctors from Kangra will also visit Guglara area to asses the ground realities and sent samples to IVRI Bareilly, RDDL, Jalandhar and WII Dehradun for further examination.(UNI)

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