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“Felt like my heart was ripped out”: Wife catches husband sleeping with her mother

“Felt like my heart was ripped out”: Wife catches husband sleeping with her mother

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, Monday, 3 June 2024 (16:07 IST)
A woman experienced the shock of a lifetime when she caught her husband sleeping with her own mother.

The woman has shared her heart-shattering story on Reddit.

The 26-year-old woman has been married to her husband, 34, for six years after meeting in college.

She says their relationship always "seemed solid" - and they've been discussing starting a family soon. However, about a month ago, she noticed a change in his behaviour - with him leaving the room to send late-night texts.

She said on Reddit: "He was being more secretive with his phone, and our intimacy, both sexual and emotional, had dwindled. I tried to brush it off as stress from work or maybe just a rough patch, I began to work harder on my marriage, cooking things he likes, taking on more overtime, making sure everything was in perfect condition at home etc."

But about two weeks ago, when she came home early from workfeeling sick, she found her husband and mum, 57, in her bedroom. She added: "I walked into our bedroom and found them together. It felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest."

"They didn’t notice me at first, and I was frozen, unable to move or even breathe. When they finally saw me, the looks on their faces were a mix of guilt and horror. My mother tried to explain, saying it 'just happened' and that they 'didn't mean to hurt me.' My husband was silent, not even attempting to make excuses."

"I feel utterly devastated and betrayed by the two people I trusted the most. How do you even begin to process something like this? My mother, the woman who gave birth to me, and my husband, the man I vowed to spend my life with. I feel like my entire reality has been shattered."

Heartbroken, she ran out of the house and then drove around aimlessly for hours before turning to a friend for comfort.

She added: "My husband's excuse for cheating? My infertility. That I couldn't have children and he was entitled to sleep with whomever he wanted if I couldn't do something most women were capable of. He told me that I lacked the traditional values he held, I did not know he held any traditional values, and that my mum was better because she was a stay-at-home mum that was capable of having kids."

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