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Muslim bangle seller thrashed in Indore (VIDEO)

Tuesday, 24 August 2021 (17:25 IST)
Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra has said that legal proceedings have been initiated against both sides in the context of a dispute between two communities in the state’s commercial capital Indore.

“According to a departmental report, the disturbance was sparked off as a consequence of an individual who – despite owing allegiance to a certain faith – was selling bangles, during the holy month of Shravan, under an assumed Hindu name. Two Aadhaar cards were appropriated,” he told media here.

In the context of the Ujjain episode – during which pro-Pakistan slogans were allegedly raised during a religious procession on Thursday – Dr Mishra ruled out any fresh investigation.

“Those possessing a Taliban mindset and an anti-national mentality shall not be spared,” he warned.

Raining fire on Rajya Sabha Member Digvijaya Singh, Dr Mishra accused the erstwhile chief minister of playing the politics of appeasement and having stood alongside those who are against the country.

“He should lead such individuals to Pakistan and I shall extend whatever cooperation he desires in that regard. In the Ujjain context, Mr Singh claims that the slogan raised was ‘Qazi Saab zindabad’ and not ‘Pakistan …’ Have you ever heard the slogan ‘Qazi Saab zindabad’ being raised anywhere in the world?” the Minister asked. (UNI)

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