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Household life explained with an interesting story

Saturday, 3 February 2018 (13:51 IST)
Acharya Rajesh Kumar 

I will make you understand this with the help of a story. One man was in a drunken state. He was totally unconscious. He came into his home by following a predetermined system of his feet, but his mind was unconscious.

He was asking his neighbors, who was standing on the stairs “where is my house”?. I have forgotten! Please tell me. The People around him said that this is your home, but he replied don’t try to fool me. I want to go to my home. My old mother will be waiting for me. After hearing the chaos, his mother came out . She saw her son was shouting and crying “please take me to my home”. Her mother said this is your home and I am your mother.

Suddenly, another drunken man came across and said that, “I will drop you sit in my bullock cart”. Then the people around him said that don’t go this is your home where else will you go?

 We all are standing form where we don’t have to go anywhere but our mind is unstable and understands only one kind of language of  running or reaching somewhere. That particular language is known as Grahasth. If we understand it in depth the extract we will get is that the mind that understands the language of greed is the Grahasth.

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