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Modern-Day Moms: Adultery, a solution to quench their thirst

Saturday, 6 March 2021 (21:10 IST)
Kolkata:Parenting is one of the most blissful and utterly rewarding experiences for parents.
Parenthood doubles the joy for the couple and tends to bring them closer to each other as they now have a flower of their love which has blossomed in its full glory.
However, in many cases parenting can also turn into a major cause of infidelity in matrimonial alliances. While men are commonly thought to be the ones cheating on their wives after the latter gives birth, a new study assessing women infidelity dynamics has revealed that it’s in fact the modern-age moms who are much more likely to give in easily to temptations and start searching for a prospective lover when their husbands are no longer able to fulfil their expectations.
Infidelity is a term that tends to kick up a storm every time it is mentioned. Generally viewed as sordid and immoral, it seemingly has many takers amongst Indian women, especially those who have newly stepped into motherhood.
Survey results show that devoid of any intention to interfere with the sacred institution of marriage, women in India are not reluctant in making the first move. Reasons quoted for this are mainly lack of attention from their partners or their marriages turning mundane and monotonous. Many women also become distressed upon seeing their spouses receive infidelity-related messages from potential rivals.
The said study, commissioned by Gleeden – the first portal designed by women for extramarital encounters which has touched a user base of over 10 lakhs users in India – found out that about 48% of Indian women who ventured into extra-marital sexual dalliance are mothers, who have now become wary of their partner’s incapability to sexually gratify them.
No longer happy existing as merely a drab asexual prop within the households – these modern Indian mothers are detesting being treated as a showpiece kept in the bedroom or being shoved into the role of a caretaker for their child and spouse both, with hardly any attention being paid to her own emotional and physical needs. They seek lust and intimacy equally, and long to be touched, tantalised and tasted.
On top of that, the guilt and the emotional baggage that earlier would hold women down when it came to casual sex, paid sex, or cybersex is gradually disappearing as now we live in an age of instantaneous hook-ups, or the quintessential no-strings-attached flings, that are mostly forged in the digital space only.
Now Indian moms do not fear displaying sexual bravado – the freedom to be who they want, when they want, and with whoever they want.
Many of our prime-time soaps also openly endorse extra-marital affairs, which is at times shown to be accepted even by the wife. The trend is further ignited by the opportunities presented to working women and moms these days – such as more travel, stretched late nights at work, and a highly personalised interaction with men – which seem to have multiplied the straying temptation pulling in deep a whole new generation of Indian women.
As per the data, the women surveyed are in the age bracket of 30 to 60. They are well-educated (78%) and well-placed professionally (74%). Economic independence gives them a positive outlook towards life in general and towards themselves which they don’t want to waste in drudgery and dullness. Hence, they seek excitement and thrill.
Quite interestingly, almost 76% rate themselves high in terms of physical appearance and believe their spouses to be less attractive as compared to them. About 64% claimed sexual dissatisfaction due to complete absence of intercourse in their marital relationship (60%) and disregard of their sexual pleasure from their partners (59%)
Modern moms want everything without missing even a bit. And even when they choose to be faithful with their bodies, they become full sinners with their minds. They are among the most active lot online, constitute about 58% of female users registered on Gleeden, and are not afraid to be a bit adventurous.(UNI)

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